Conference Program

JAM Online 2021 will be a full, engaging conference environment with 100+ educational opportunities and virtual activities. JAM will deliver user-friendly ways to explore the newest innovations and strategies, hear the latest product updates and roadmaps, and discover best practices – not just from us at Jenzabar but each other.

This 3-day, comprehensive virtual event will feature new and expanded programming, including:

  • Keynote & Plenary sessions
  • Comprehensive seminars & collaborative exchanges
  • Meetups with other attendees, Jenzabar staff, and exhibitors
  • Live Q&As and discussion forums
  • Personal & career growth programs
  • Interactive exhibit hall with partners & sponsors
  • Giveaways, prizes & awards
  • And more!
Featured sessions:
#263 Jenzabar Product Update
Hear from Les Zimmerman, Jenzabar's VP of Product Development, as he highlights the new features, functionalities and technologies from Jenzabar. Discover what’s on the horizon for Jenzabar’s market-leading offerings and how institutions can leverage new technologies and applications to drive student engagement and maximize collaboration across campus.

Presented by: Les Zimmerman, Jenzabar

#264: Professional Development: Women in Leadership
While women make up almost 50% of the workforce, they are underrepresented in leadership roles. Less than 40% of managerial roles are held by women and the higher in the ladder one climbs, the lower the rates. For women of color, the numbers are particularly unfair, with only 3% comprised of minorities. Join us for an inspiring upskilling session on career advancement for women.
Presented by: Rev. Dr. Deborah Jackson, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

#265 Professional Development: Cybersecurity
Despite our best efforts, cyberthreats are on the rise. No matter if your role is in IT or not, everyone plays a part in managing risk. Please join this upskilling session to learn about the latest in security and what you can do to be an effective practitioner.
Presented by: William Kyrouz, Jenzabar

#221 Exploring the Reinvention of the Higher Education Ecosystem
For years the demographics of higher education have been shifting away from traditional-age college students and accelerating a transformation of higher education business models. Learners are more focused than ever on choosing educational offerings based on career relevance, affordability, and flexibility. Please join this interactive session to explore ideas on ways to helps learners connect job-relevant skills to your programs, courses, and certificates while helping your institution grow enrolment, grow revenue, and grow value.
Presented by: Helen Greenlea, Jenzabar

List of function area breakout sessions is now available on MyJenzabar. Check back frequently for updates.



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