Florida RUG Meeting



Friday, October 18, 2019

Southeastern University  
1000 Longfellow Blvd

Lakeland, FL 33801


The Florida RUG Meeting provides a forum in your "neighborhood" to network, exchange ideas and share best practices with local peers to help you maximize your Jenzabar solutions. Join us to interact with an active and engaged network of users and tap into the power of the Jenzabar community. This event is open to all Jenzabar CX, EX, JX and Jenzabar One users across campus.

Register NOW!
There is no registration fee to attend this meeting and lunch is included.
Registration will close on Oct. 10. Contact rugs@jenzabar.com with questions.

We want to hear from you! Have you instituted a process or customized a report to make your department more efficient? Do you have a time-saving technique or innovative approach that you would be willing to share? We would enjoy hearing more about it. If you are interested in doing a presentation or leading a roundtable discussion at your local RUG meeting, please contact rugs@jenzabar.com. Learn from each other - your contributions will help make this meeting a success!

Topics to include (subject to change):

  • Using FormBuilder to Migrate Forms Online (Change of Major and Graduation Application) - Christine Wilkinson, Bethune-Cookman University
  • Jenzabar has Help, Learning & Development (Come see what's new) - Renee Beals, Southeastern University
  • Editing InfoMaker UDF Forms to Add Input/Output Fields - James Ball, Southeastern University
  • Simple Query - Neal Dyer, Southeastern University
  • FormFlow in JICS - Neal Dyer, Southeastern University
  • Registration Enrollment and Full Time/Part Time with RE & FA - Renee Beals and Jody Walker, Southeastern University 
  • Advising Trees: Making Modifications - Sarah Lloyd & Jill Giddens, Southeastern University
  • Communication Beyond Notepad - Anna Hein, Bethune-Cookman University
  • Competency-based Education - Rob Powell, Jenzabar
  • Registration Q&A - Rob Powell, Jenzabar
  • Communications Management - Michelle Way, Jenzabar
  • Campus Name - Michelle Way, Jenzabar
  • Jenzabar One System Admin Update - Mike Penrod, Jenzabar
  • Address_Master Changes - Mike Penrod, Jenzabar
  • Jenzabar One Update - Bob Smead, Jenzabar
  • Jenzabar One Payment Plans - Iuliana Watson, Jenzabar
  • Moving to Enhanced Billing - Iuliana Watson, Jenzabar
  • Financial Reporting Tool – Iuliana Watson, Jenzabar
  • Registration/Advising Roundtable – Sue Tosh, Jenzabar
  • Student Life Roundtable – Sue Tosh, Jenzabar

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Contact rugs@jenzabar.com

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